Re: RFC: Gnome-themes

> > 1: Standardise on one GNOME window manager. Get it so that it is fully GNOME
> > compliant and perfect, and include the themes for that.
> 	Enough of this heresy!   (Personally, I think this is the way it
> ought to be done.  Trying to separate the WM from an X-based desktop
> environment makes no sense to me)
> > 3: Keep it the way we are at the moment (ie, non-WM-specific) and not include
> > anything.
> 	This is probably the best for now, see below.
> > My personal choice would be choice 1.
> 	This discussion has been had already.  I agree, but the project
> leaders (and a large percentage of Gnome developers) won't hear it.

I'm going to mouth off about this again because everyone ignored me the
last time. :)

There *really* needs to be a gnome standardization on one window manager.
The window manager specs *should* help this, and I'm presuming theme
formats are part of the specs. If that's the case, then this won't be an
issue (as there's a "standard" wm theme format.) If it isn't, that's the
way this needs to be solved: create a standard wm theme format, and make
sure the "stnadard" gnome wm can handle it. Write a converter if we have
to, for wm (e) that want to buck the system and stick with their
"proprietary" format. Don't, however, pander to every window manager and
their unique formats. It's too much of a pain in the fast.

> 	Then, shipping a "Gnome Theme" will basically be a theme for this
> WM.  All the rest of the WM's will continue to have their own themes, and
> will continue to have features which do not work well with Gnome.
> 	In short: get to work on such a window manager, and worry about
> themes later :).

Yup, and the other window managers can implement converters as they see
fit. BTW, sawmill is almost to the point you're talking about.

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