Re: Styleguide?

> >  	Is there a Gnome styleguide?  I didn't see one on
> >
> It is in development.

	This seems like the type of thing that should be open to outside
input and suggestions.  Can it be made available to the public?

> >  	I'm trying to figure out if one of my menu items should be "Page
> >  Setup" or "Print Setup".  I'm trying to clone a Win32 app which has a
> >  "Page Setup" entry in its File menu.
> "Page Setup" is fine.

	Then can we change that 'stock item' in Glade to read Page
Setup?  I'd email the author, but has not resolved for
me in several weeks so I don't have an email address.

	One thing that has become apparant to me is that the development
tools strongly influence the design of applications.  For example, Glade
has "Edit/Properties", "Settings/Preferences", and "Help/About" entries as
'stock items' in its menu editor.  It's a good bet those items will be
fairly common in new Gnome apps as they are developed.

> JÍrg is working on the SGML version of the GNOME UI Guidelines, so
> this information should be distilled there at some point.

	Again, I'd like to request that those UI guidelines be made
public.  If they are not yet finalized, people should have input, and if
they are finalized, I'd like to see them :).


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