Re: Styleguide?

>  	Is there a Gnome styleguide?  I didn't see one on

It is in development.

>  	I'm trying to figure out if one of my menu items should be "Page
>  Setup" or "Print Setup".  I'm trying to clone a Win32 app which has a
>  "Page Setup" entry in its File menu.
>  	MS Windows (and I think Mac) use "Page Setup".  Glade has a
>  'standard' menuitem of "Print Setup".  I'd prefer to use "Page Setup", it
>  seems to make more sense to me.

"Page Setup" is fine.

>  	All questions about the Gnome printing subsystem aside, do we have
>  a style guide?  I.e., should the "Help" menu be right-aligned or flushed
>  left?  Should "Preferences" reside under "Edit"?

"Help" should not be right-aligned, but should always be the last
toplevel menu item.  For the answer to the second question, read

JÍrg is working on the SGML version of the GNOME UI Guidelines, so
this information should be distilled there at some point.


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