"Standard" icons

	My apologies for asking this here, but I've searched all over
www.gnome.org, www.gtk.org, and even gtk.themes.org to no avail.  I've
also checked the index of Havoc's and Eric's books.

	I've been trying to design a GUI in Glade.  Unfortunately, it
keeps crashing on me (I've lost my work twice now, once even after
saving), so I've decided to give up and write the code by hand.

	While using Glade, especially in creating the menus, there were
several "stock items" that include cool icons for things like Open, Save,
Close, etc.  These are the smaller icons that work well in a menu.

	I would like to use those icons in my app, but I can't them.  I've
done an "rpm -ql" on my gtk+, glade, and gtk+-devel packages and I don't
see them.  I've also looked under /usr/share on my Mandrake 6.1 system and
have not found them.

	So my questions are:

1) Are those XPMs (or PNGs, whatever) hard-coded into Glade?

2) Is there an official repository of Gnome-like GTK+ icons?  I seem to
remember such a thing from a few months ago, but I don't see it anymore.
I'm looking for small and medium sized versions of "Save", "New", etc. for
use in menus and toolbars.

3) Is it customary to hard-code those items as XPMs into the application,
or to use distribute them with your code and PNGs and put them into
/usr/share somewhere?

	Unless I'm blind and have just missed it, it may be helpful to put
the answer to this somewhere on developer.gnome.org.

Derek Simkowiak

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