Re: PATCH: to change window title in gnome-terminal


Thanks for the work, however, i'd personally rather such a setting
was part of the preferences dialogue - thats what it is there for.
It actually needs a fair redesign in the meantime anyway, the array of
options are a little daunting.

This also does not set the preference settings for the title, so
the title will not be saved across sessions properly.

Also as a stylistic hint i'd suggest not using 'i' as a pointer
variable, things like i,j,k are almost exclusively used for integer
index counters.

Any patch should include appropriate documentation updates as well.


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> Here is a patch against gnome-terminal 1.0.51 to change which adds a
> menu item to change the current Windows Title.
> Many, many times a have 3+ gnome-terminal windows open and, from the
> task bar, I have no idea which one is which.  This patch allows me to
> quickly set titles to the different terminal windows so that I can till
> them apart.  Although it also possible to write a small shell script to
> do the same thing using the xterm escape sequences it is often very
> inconvenient to do so, such as if you are in the middle of an
> application, on a remote host, etc...
> I don't expect it to be included in gnome 1.50 but I hope it will be
> included in the next minor release of gnome as it is a useful feature
> and it the patch is fairly clean.
> I am rather new to gnome development so please let me know if I did
> anything stupid.
> Thanks again.

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