Re: PATCH: to change window title in gnome-terminal

NotZed wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the work, however, i'd personally rather such a setting
> was part of the preferences dialogue - thats what it is there for.
> It actually needs a fair redesign in the meantime anyway, the array of
> options are a little daunting.

I want it to be easily accessible to change the title on the fly.

> This also does not set the preference settings for the title, so
> the title will not be saved across sessions properly.

That is exactly how I want it.  It is ment to change the current title
of that window so that one can tell one terminal window from another. 
If it chaged all the terminal for all sessions it would default the

> Also as a stylistic hint i'd suggest not using 'i' as a pointer
> variable, things like i,j,k are almost exclusively used for integer
> index counters.
> Any patch should include appropriate documentation updates as well.

This is the first time I did this.  Point me in the right direction.  

If I don't use i as a pointer, and update the documentation in the
appropriate places will you accept it.  I personally thing being able to
change window titles on the fly without much hassle is a long awaited
feature for terminal windows and could help a lot of people out.

Kevin Atkinson

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