Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued

Chris Jones wrote:
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> Hi
> > The question is: does this hook exist?
> Two solutions I can think of would be to have the "hook" program
> installed in the default gnome session (not a good solution for users
> that already exist). Or, your installer will need to go through all of
> the ~/.gnome/session files and insert the hook program directly
> (they're just plain text files, so it should be pretty easy to insert
> a new entry.

To the author of the original post.  Don't do this.  Do it the way Gnome
allows you to, and add it to the global menu that Gnome reads when it
loads the panel.  If a user wants to add this icons and stuff to their
desktop, they can run that and it will do the right thing.  Going and
adding this to all the users sessions or other related affairs is going
to annoy a lot of users. These are MULTIUSER systems, if a user wants
it, they will ask their sys admin/help desk where to get it or maybe
just look on their menus and get it.  We do not have to treat users like
idiots just because Windows does.  There's such a thing as too friendly,
and this is crossing that boundary.  Another reason why this idea
doesn't sound like it's been thought through too well: What happens if
not everyone can run VMware?  You set this up and all your users will be
prompted to add this stuff, some might even assume from this, that they
can run it.  They run your little program, get the pretty icons and
stuff, and then, when they try to run it, nothing.  Why?  Because behind
the GUI they're getting a Permission denied.  But they don't see this,
so they complain to the sys admin.  Drop the Windows idea that everyone
can run anything that gets installed.  Drop that idea that users can't
think for themselves.

Just my 2 cents

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