Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued


> In vmware itself:
>     sprintf( command, "%s/%s", vmdir, "vmhook" );
>     system( command );
> vmhook is a script something like:
>     #!/bin/sh
>     vmdir=/vmware/install/path
>     test -x $vmdir/vmhook-gnome || $vmdir/vmhook-gnome
>     test -x $vmdir/vmhook-kde   || $vmdir/vmhook-kde
>     test -x $vmdir/vmhook-blah  || $vmdir/vmhook-blah
>     etc.
Not good enough: this assume that the user will start VMware, while he 
doesn't even know about it. The whole purpose of prompting him
automatically would be "hey man, VMware has been installed on this
system by your sysadmin, do care? (yes/no) do you want to have Vmware
icons on your desktop (yes/no) do you want to have startup menu entry
for vmware (yes/no)"

So the main problem is that the installer program must make sure
that a vmware hook will be called when a user opens a gnome session.
And I don't know how to do that.

What is the exact startup sequence of a Gnome session? Is there a way
(read: a parameter to modify) to make it execute arbitrary code (read: 
VMware code)?

> For gnome, this could use the gnome configuration hooks 
> to check for the existence of a "vmware/initialrun/asked" 
> key.  If the key exists, the gnome hook program exits.  
> If not, the user is prompted, and appropriate action 
> taken.  Similar configuration mechanisms probably exist 
> for kde, and for other environments, custom mechanisms 
> could be created to handle their unique configuration 
> needs.
Yes that is exactly the idea.

> Great work on vmware, btw.  Keep it up.  Hope this helps.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Regis "HPReg" Duchesne - Member of Technical Staff - VMWare, Inc.
       (O o)             I use Linux (1135 KB/s over 10Mb/s ethernet)
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