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> > Or, your installer will need to go through all of
> > the ~/.gnome/session files and insert the hook program directly
> > (they're just plain text files, so it should be pretty easy to
> > a new entry.
> That is not doable, due to permission problems with root vs. NFS and
> things like that.

Maybe this is something that should be built into the session manager?

A few people have suggested putting it in xdm/gdm, but that only makes
sense for sites that use graphical logins, if there is no fallback for
text based logins then it's not much use (or people who login over a
network and use a remote X server, etc.)

When the session manager starts up it could check a list somewhere on
the machine of messages from the admin people and then compare it with
it's own list of what it has already seen, then display new ones. The
format could be something like:

16.10.99 14:15:00 VMWare # Date/Time entry was added and name
	/usr/local/vmware/vmware.desc # Brief text file provided by VMWare
	/usr/local/vmware/sysadm.desc # Notice created by the sysadmin
	/usr/local/vmware/ # Arbitrary code to execute
	OPTIONAL # Tells the session manager if this must be executed
		   # (ie use gets no choice) or if it is option (ie user can say no)

which gets presented in a window that displays the package text and
the sysadmin's comments along with the relevant options.

This might also be useful for the GNOME core packages in the future
when database formats change, or stale config files need to be

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