Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued


> Instead suppose we had an application that would list all the new
> things that have been installed recently (since the last time you
> checked).  Maybe you could click on on item on the list to configure
> that package (hook into the control center?).
> This new-listing app could register itself with the session manager as
> "restart anyway" so that it would appear next time you logged in
> (subject to approval, just like the "tips" application you get when
> you log in to NT).
Yes. Very good idea

> Regis> What is the exact startup sequence of a Gnome session? Is there
> Regis> a way (read: a parameter to modify) to make it execute
> Regis> arbitrary code (read: VMware code)?
> Not easily.  One could be added, but I'm not convinced it is needed.
You are right, I'm more and more conviced that you have the right
solution for this problem.

Now the question is: who will implement it, and how long will it take
before Vmware can use it on Joe User's machine? :)))

Best regards,
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