Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued


> Granted, I'm _completely_ off topic now, but my point is that maybe
> you're trying to solve the wrong problem.
Well, there is a problem. Perhaps we are trying to solve it with the
wrong solution, but there is definitely no such thing as a "wrong

>  Part of GNOME's philosophy is
> flexibility, and forcibly inserting notifications into a user's day to
> day routine is not very flexible.
What if the user can disable that?

> And you're forgetting something.  Not everyone uses gnome-session.How
> do you plan on notifying a user who prefers to run apps manually?  The
> sysadmin can't force everyone to use gnome-session, and thus can't
> guarantee that it'll be a common point between users.  This in itself
> blows the concept of a hook, which needs to be consistent and reliable.
Not sure. The hooks could be called by gnome-session, or gmc, or ...

There is no real need to call the hook from something else. The app
that calls the hook is only required to be able to display desktop
icons, or a startup menu.

I mean, If the user doesn't run gnome-session or gmc, it will not
receive the notification I have posted for him. Not a big deal. He
knows what he does.

The goal is to help users who do not know.

> It seems to me that the news app/applet is the only way to make sure
> everyone has access to the info without forcing it on anyone who doesn't
> want it.  Call it....Gnupdate?
Perhaps. I'm going to think about it.

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