Re: Gnome-core

On Mon, Oct 18, 1999 at 03:54:46PM +0100, Damon Chaplin wrote:
> It does work. I've just upgraded to gnome-core 1.0.53 and it stops the problem
> there as well. (Have you been able to reproduce the problem?)

I'm not saying it doesn't but it is not correct.  It's one of those, I don't
know why it works but it does kinds of things and I think we need to find the
correct solution instead.

> > Shown alloc is the allocation of a normally shown panel, if you notice it
> > gets set it size allocate by getting the position of where the shown panel
> > should be, and then the real allocation is modified if we are hidden.
> I think that's incorrect. I think shown_alloc also takes the shown/hidden
> states into account.

It shouldn't, I wrote the code I should know (though it took me a bit
to remember:).  If it does then that's the bug, since the show/hide functions
use the shown_alloc to figure out where the panel should be when fully shown
to avoid just these sorts of problems.

> Just before shown_alloc is set, snapped_widget_get_pos() or
> corner_widget_get_pos() is called, which change the x and y coords according
> to the shown/hidden state of the panel.

Hmm, then that's the problem, the hidden pos is given by another function
(get_hidden_pos I believe).

I'll look at that then.


George Lebl <>
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