Re: Applet resizing questions

On Mon, Oct 18, 1999 at 07:36:21PM -0400, John Kodis wrote:
> > I just added [applet_widget_send_position] in, so it'll be in the
> > newest CVS, you could tickle corba directly even in 1.0.  It's the
> > send_position boolean value on the PanelSpot interface.  It will be
> > in the CVS as soon as I commit though :)
> Yes, that did the trick, thanks!  I see what you mean about the
> change_position signal happening frequently.
> Any idea what I should make of the values returned by the
> applet_widget_get_free_space() routine, or should I just pick some
> size, and hope that there's enough room in the panel?

Well the whole point of that function is to tell you how much :)

I will look into the problems with that now, I think I fixed the
size/orientation problems, and this might have been a small part of it.  The
get_free_space worked quite well in gnome-pager.

It should return by how much you can grow from your present size and not 
move other applets, so a 0 value is perfectly ok.  A negative value should
not occur, but I guess it might during say switching orientation before the
applets get "repacked" and thus overlap.  I'd say for now ignore negative
values and treat them as 0, I'll change the function so that it returns 0's

When you switch orientation, maybe the strategy to use is to change into
a small square then periodically check for free space if you need to grow
beyond that.

One solution might be to add a signal which would tell you when free space is
available, but this would require more hacking in the panel and I'm not sure
if it would be as usefull.


George Lebl <>
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