Re: GdkPixbuf: png loader doing too much work?

>  Is there any reason why the png loader in gdk-pixbup loads the image
>  into temporary row buffers, and then copies them to the art_pixbuf
>  pixel buffer?  In other words is there any reason why the patch below
>  shouldn't be applied?

Good point.  Thanks a lot for the patch!  I applied it with minor
modifications to the source on CVS.  It will appear in the next
release of gdk-pixbuf.

>  On a side note: what are the plans for progressive loading?

I need progressive loading for the Eye of Gnome.  The problems with
progressive loading are basically figuring out a nice, generic API
while supporting the idiosyncrasies of different file formats.
Gzilla and Mozilla are good sources to look in for ideas.

I'd like to have progressive loading in GdkPixbuf, but I don't know if
the API can be made generic enough that it would make sense to have it
there --- if it can't be made so, the progressive loading stuff will
be just in EOG.  The plan is for other applications to use the Bonobo
components provided by EOG itself.

Of course, I would love it if someone with experience in progressive
image loading could lend us a hand here :-)


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