Our organization at shows.

Hello guys,

   My friend Dean has came up with a good idea for us when we go to
shows and we have a booth.  The idea basically is to have the various
hackers/users that go to the shows to commit to go to the booth at
some hour and answer questions on a specific GNOME topic.

   For example, Federico could commit to answer questions on the GNOME
Canvas at certain hour;  Jacob or George could answer questions about
the Gnome Panel and so on.  

   And we put a banner that lists the times at which various GNOME
developers and user will be around to help users and developers with
their various questions on a specific topic.  We want to encourage
people to feel like they have a spot to go ask questions there.

   Usenix has something similar called "The Guru Is In" and various
people commit to answer the questions you have on a specific thing.



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