Re: Our organization at shows.

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> Hello guys,
>    My friend Dean has came up with a good idea for us when we go to
> shows and we have a booth.  The idea basically is to have the various
> hackers/users that go to the shows to commit to go to the booth at
> some hour and answer questions on a specific GNOME topic.
>    For example, Federico could commit to answer questions on the GNOME
> Canvas at certain hour;  Jacob or George could answer questions about
> the Gnome Panel and so on.  
>    And we put a banner that lists the times at which various GNOME
> developers and user will be around to help users and developers with
> their various questions on a specific topic.  We want to encourage
> people to feel like they have a spot to go ask questions there.
>    Usenix has something similar called "The Guru Is In" and various
> people commit to answer the questions you have on a specific thing.


This is really a good idea ....

Are there any shows in Germany (or at least Europe) where the GNOME Project
will be present within the next few months ?

I probably won't be able to come to the US until LinuxExpo 2000, but if
there's any show here in Europe which is not too far away for me, I'd
gladly help with it ....

Well, I know at least that GNOME will have a booth at the LinuxTag 2000
in Kaiserslautern/Germany which is about 1-2 hours from me.

Martin Baulig - -

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