Re: Our organization at shows.

Since we're talking about shows and stuff. Who decides where you go?

For example, there's a gitex conference in the Middle East which is 
usually held in the Dubai,UAE or Cairo, Egypt. I believe the next one is 
1st quarter of 2000 at Cairo

I believe there's also a COMDEX show in the year 2000 (sometime in April) 
in Cairo, Egypt

The reason I ask is because I live in Egypt, and was wonderin if there 
was any consideration you guys would visit?

> From what I hear, there are enough problems having people commit and
> follow through on just getting the booth put up and taken down. This is
> just second-hand knowledge from someone who had to take down the booth at
> ALS because all the GNOME hackers had run off.
> It would be nice to have someone who was in charge of coordinating a
> booth for all relevant shows, though.
> -- Elliot
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