Re: Our organization at shows.

> Since we're talking about shows and stuff. Who decides where you go?

Well, usually we do either submit papers to conferences and then the
conference flies us, or sometimes we pay to go to the conference
because we are interested in the program.

> For example, there's a gitex conference in the Middle East which is 
> usually held in the Dubai,UAE or Cairo, Egypt. I believe the next one is 
> 1st quarter of 2000 at Cairo

Wow.  Sounds interesting.  Particulary since I read this book from my
favorite author about his adventures in Egypt.  So, where do we submit
papers to?

> The reason I ask is because I live in Egypt, and was wonderin if there 
> was any consideration you guys would visit?

I would love to, but Egypt is far from here, so if we could get the
organizers to ship us there with our laptops, I at least would love
to go.

Boy, I am already drooling over it ;-)


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