Re: Default window manager

On 31 August, 1999 - Iain sent me these 0,4K bytes:

> >
> > // It's not even slow and I've got the translucent window move thing on
> > // (cos it looks pretty).
> >
> > have you got a 700Mhz Alpha or what ?
> no, PII 266 with 128meg
> The translucent thing slows it down slightly, but not enough to warrent
> turning it off.
> It was deadly slow on my P233 though.

Funny, translucent move isn't esp slow on this 50mhz microsparc (divide
mhz by 2 and you get a 486). Otoh, E is pretty sluggish in general on
this box.

Tomas ÷gren,,
|- Student at Computing Science, University of UmeŚ
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