Why the size of the title bar, was Re: How do I compute the size of the title bar?

 William Tipton twisted the bytes to say:

 William> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Daniel M. German wrote:
 >> bottom. And finally, how do I remove all window decorations from an
 >> application?
 >> Or, alternatively, can somebody point me to an application that does some or all of this? 

 William> Curiously, why do you need to know what size the decorations
 William> are?

 Ted> Well, I don't know how to tell a window manager not to decorate a window
 Ted> at all(haven't got that far).  However, there is no reason for you to
 Ted> need to compute the size of the title bar or the borders or anything. 
 Ted> You just have to set the title and let the window manager handle it. 
 Ted> According to the standard, an application shouldn't rely on the titlebar
 Ted> for critical information to the user anyway.  Why exactly do you need
 Ted> this information?
 Ted> Ted

Hi William, Hi Ted, 

I want to support negative location specifications in the geometry in
the "right" way, ie. a negative x axis is relative to the right edge
of the application window, not to the left one. I posted about it some
time ago.

gnome_parse_geometry is broken for negative location specifications.

For instance, try gnome-terminal --geometry=80x20-0-0

now try xterm -geometry=80x20-0-0

I have partially implemented the latter behaviour in GGV, but the I
need to know the width that the windows manager gives to the
application bar, otherwise I don't know the correct height in order to
position the window correctly.

Or, how else do I specify negative locations properly? 

I beg you all :) I just want to be able to locate windows all over the
screen using the command line! :)

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