Why the size of the title bar, was Re: How do I compute the size of the title bar?

> I want to support negative location specifications in the geometry in
> the "right" way, ie. a negative x axis is relative to the right edge
> of the application window, not to the left one. I posted about it some
> time ago.

I don't know what GGV is, I don't think it's a window manager, but,
it's the window manager's job to handle these things, not your
program.  If the window manager you're using isn't doing what you
think it should, then you should talk to the authors of the wm.  This
is not an application level problem.  As an X11 application author,
it's your job to give hints to the window manager, but the window
manager has every right to ignore them or do whatever it wishes with
them.  This is stressed time and time again in the Xlib Programming
Manual and the ICCCM documentation.


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