Re:Why the size of the title bar, was Re: How do I compute the size of the title bar?

On Fri, 03 Sep 1999, Ted Milker wrote:
>> No, it is the job of libgnomeui and gtk/gdk actually (with the help of
>> the windows manager, of course).  The window manager does not get the
>> geometry spec, it only gets the hints from the app, via X11 (correct
>> me if I am wrong).
>Doh, you're totally correct about not getting the geometry spec, it's
>up to the application(or maybe in this case the libraries that the
>application links with).  I don't know what kind of drugs I was on.
>In this case, I think, it's the job of which ever lib handles the
>geometry line(IMO it would be gdk, since gtk_init() calls gdk_init()
>which should parse out the geometry line from argc and argv).  I
>haven't looked yet, but it should be possible to add this to gdk.
>Maybe I'll attempt it later tonight.
>> I assume you know about win_gravity. ONce I know that I need, say,
>> SouthEastGravity, the problem becomes how to pass this gravity to the
>> windows manager. In Gnome/gtk/gdk there does not seem to be a way to
>> do it for the application window. They are all assumed to be
>> NorthWestGravity.
>Well, X applications do not have a standard way of passing gravity to
>an application.  And for some applications it may not be very useful,
>or detrimental to the way the program acts.  I think there should be
>ways to pass gravity to GDK/GTK(not sure if they do or not), but not
>from the command line, unless the application explicitly supports
>that itself, using GDK/GTK calls.
>Now for a question of my own.  I know this isn't the gdk list, but I
>thought I'd ask anyway.  Has anyone successfully written an X11
>program using ONLY GDK?  I cannot seem to get the gdk_event_get() call 
>to block for events like it should.  And even using XNextEvent()
>doesn't give me any ConfigureNotify or Expose events for the window I
>tried creating with gdk.  If anyone has some code for a simple program 
>that just sticks up an empty window and handles events for it, using
>only gdk, I'd really like to see it.
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