Re: obglib

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Frederik Bilhaut wrote:

> o First of wall a write wrapper for glib. I already wrote classes for 
>   GString (G_String) and GSList (G_SList, with an iterator class).

Blah, I think G*List wrappers and iterators are just a bad idea. for()
loops are so much more intuitive than iterators...

> o Write wrappers for extended non-gui gnome features (gnorba, xml, ...)

This would be cool (as would be finishing the wrapping of all the gnome
widgets, which I don't think is done.)

> All classes would provide access to native features, but would also
> make use of objective-C specific ones. For example, the g_gslist_foreach
> function would be wrapped to two methods: one taking a GFunc and one
> taking a selector (SEL).

Providing a generic way to do this would probably be more useful, since
there is such a wide variety of callbacks out there. Perhaps provide a way
to do:

g_slist_foreach(mylist, obglib_callback,
		obglib_make_callback(myobjcobject, "mymethod"));

-- Elliot
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