panel question

Hey all, what exactly are the files in ~/.gnome/panel.d/defaults for?
I've fixed the gnome-pager so that it saves preferences, however, I
want to make sure, before submitting the patch, that I'm doing it the
Gnome way.  Is it okay to save individual applet prefences in
~/.gnome(in this case, ~/.gnome/gnome_pager) like applications?  I
noticed the code for gnome-pager was trying to push privcfgpath and
write preferences to a section called stuff.  I found out that this
privcfgpath goes to ~/.gnome/panel.d/defaults.  When I did a grep in
that directory, I found not just one file that contained the section
stuff, but many.  What exactly is this directory for?  I've looked at
the files and it seems like the preferences for a lot of applets are
put in here, but no logical order to it all and often duplicated and
appearing in different files.  Could someone tell me what's going on


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