Re: gnome-socket API proposal

> We could always start with a small library and add stuff later. gnome-libs
> could stand to be made up of many small libraries, since apps could then
> avoid linking unnecessary code.

	To facilitate ease of installation, I think gnome-libs should
still be distributed as a single package (i.e., a single .tar.gz or RPM or
DEB).  Whether they're compiled separately or not doesn't matter, as long
as gnome-config supplies the correct information at the command line.

	Also, since socket connections are on a lower level
(system-dependent, actually) than core service protocols, I would like to
suggest that a g_socket() interface be added to Glib, and that
higher-level protocols (like FTP and HTTP as discussed in previous
messages here) be part of the Gnome libraries.  Comments?


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