Re: Application window size.

Um, this is handled by the Window Manager, no?  For example, under
Enlightenment, I can right click on the title bar, select Remember State, and
then All Attributes, and next time that window (program, basically, in most
cases) opens, it is the same size.

Sean Middleditch

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, George Farris wrote:
> You know one thing I find super annoying is having to resize an 
> application **every** bloody time I open it.  Is there no way of 
> doing this in Gnome or Gtk.  For example I open my home directory 
> in GMC and am presented with a small window.  I resize the window 
> the quite the application.  Next time I open it, @#$%^&* same small 
> window.  Only way to fix this is in the source code.
> This is a problem for almost every Gnome application.  I'm looking 
> at writing another small utility and I'd really like to have it 
> save the size.  Is there a Gnome standard on this or is it up to us 
> coders to implement or not implement as we see fit?
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> George Farris - VE7FRG
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