Odd iagno behaviour; gtk change in 1.2.5?

I've been trying to track down an odd bug in iagno.  When I start the
game, it briefly colours the board the background of the current tile
set, and then reverts to black.  After some sophisticated debugging
(ahh, the magic of printf), and running it linked against some older
libraries, (along with some testing by other people for me), it
appears the behaviour is dependant on gtk 1.2.5.

When I map the window, with 1.2.4, I get a configure event which I
use to allocate some background buffers of the right size, etc.  Under
1.2.5, I no longer get a configure event.  The bug's not real serious,
as it works fine once the game starts, and I can work around it, but
I'm curious; does anyone know why this change in behaviour?

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