Debug info in RPMs


I posted something similar some time ago and received no answer, so I
reformulate my problem:
I've got a RH6.0 system, logically using rpm for package management.
I've started downloading tarballs of some GNOME packages so that, among
other reasons, I don't have to wait for someone to build the RPM's.

The problem is that I'm starting to do some coding and would like to
have gnome libraries (including gnome-libs, libxml, etc.) compiled with
debug info so that I can trace into its functions in a debugging session
if I ever need or want to. At the same time I want to keep on using rpm
so it keeps on looking for dependencies.

If I run ./configure ; make myself I got the files compiled with -g
option, if I use rpm -ta <tarball> -g isn't used, even though the spec
file seems to call ./configure in the same way as I do (so the generated
Makefile should be identical shouldn't it?). BTW, my understanding of
spec files is almost null.

Is there anyway to do wha I want to or do I have to throw rpm away and
use tarballs?

PS: for tests I've been using libglade-0.6.tar.gz



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