Re: make dist

On 24 Sep, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, [ISO-8859-1] Dennis Björklund wrote:

>> untar <tarball>
>> configure
>> make dist
>> rpm -ta <resulting tarball>
>> So how is the tarballs created and who is it that creates them?
> That's what you get for using as-yet unreleased stuff ;-)

Yea. But the same thing happens for a lot of tarballs that I download
from the gnome ftp-site. So I just wanted to state this so that people
are aware of the problem for some of us.

I have found some other problems with the gnome 1.40 tarballs. I
probably should split it up and send every bug to the right person. But
for now I just state them here:

* gnome-pager (the old combined one, gnomepager_applet)
  The size of the pages is not saved. I use a 3x3 desktop and
  the pager is big!

* The two new applets that looks like the old gnome-pager are
  nice but they take up more of my small space. The desk guide have
  the task button (uparrow) like the old gnome-pager (but this one does not
  work, if it's supposed to work like in the old gnome-pager then
  something is wrong). But I don't want it and it can't be turned off. The
  same handle-thing in the tasklist is also something I don't want.

  I know they are needed so that you can move the applet with the
  middle button but we can solve that in some other way.

  Most of the time I don't want to move applets so I would prefer to have
  a state in the panel that the user can change. When it is set we can move
  the applets with the mouse and when it is not set then we cant move them.
  Not even by accident..

* In the menueditor we can se different langages in the advanced tab. But
  every time we click on a menuitem to the left we get more and more
  language entrys to the right.

* glade 0.5.3 in the file
  In the installpart (install-data-local) pkgdatadir is missing. Should
  look like this.

  if test -n "$(pkgdatadir)/$(PACKAGE_PIXMAPS_DIR)"; then \
            $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(pkgdatadir)/$(PACKAGE_PIXMAPS_DIR); \
            $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/glade/graphics/glade_logo.png $(DESTDIR)$(pkgdatadir)/$(PACKAGE_PIXMAPS_DIR); \

* gnumeric 0.38
  Open file and enter ~ as filename -> core dump

* mc 4.5.39 
  [dennis@merlin linux_990924]$ rpm -ta mc-4.5.39.tar.gz 
  error: failed build dependencies:
          stylesheets   is needed by mc-4.5.39-1

  Not a bug, but what is it and where do I find it. I guess this is for
  the documentation but there is no gnome-doc or anything. I havn't
  read all the readme's and stuff in 4.5.39 so I guess that it's
  clearly stated there :-)

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