Re: Odd iagno behaviour; gtk change in 1.2.5?

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Ian Peters wrote:

> I've been trying to track down an odd bug in iagno.  When I start the
> game, it briefly colours the board the background of the current tile
> set, and then reverts to black.  After some sophisticated debugging
> (ahh, the magic of printf), and running it linked against some older
> libraries, (along with some testing by other people for me), it
> appears the behaviour is dependant on gtk 1.2.5.
> When I map the window, with 1.2.4, I get a configure event which I
> use to allocate some background buffers of the right size, etc.  Under
> 1.2.5, I no longer get a configure event.  The bug's not real serious,
> as it works fine once the game starts, and I can work around it, but
> I'm curious; does anyone know why this change in behaviour?

1.2.5 did indeed change behaviour a bit again with configure events (as did
1.2.4), in contrast to 1.2.3, gtk applications will now handle *all*
configure events at the gtk level (while we previously used to discard some
at the gdk level). the core gtk code now heavily relies on getting configure
events, so if you really wouldn't get any, applications would be really
broken, i.e. not redrawing and size allocating and similar stuff.

try running your app with --gdk-debug=events (you need to have compiled
gtk/gdk with --enable-debug=yes for that) and you'll see you are actually
getting them.

i suspect you do something else wrong in your code, could you tell us how
to exactly reproduce your problem?

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