Re: Information Applet Thingy


I had planned on writing one, but since I've never done GNOME programming (or
even X11 programming) you're definitely a better candidate! ;)

Sean Middleditch

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, George wrote:
> That is exactly what I wanted to write for some time but haven't yet gotten
> to it. (And I forgot about it:) Basically just an internal applet, that would
> itself contain small icon (22 or so pixels squares, which it could tile in
> any way). Basically I would just add a simple CORBA interface with which the
> applet would call up the panel and give it an Xwindow to swallow. Then the
> app could just do whatever it wanted to do inside there (most likely put an
> icon and define some actions on click or a menu or whatnot)
> The advantage of this is that no state of these things would be stored in the
> panel and it would be more dynamic then applets which are sort of more of a
> permanent thing, rather then strictly dynamic.
> I'll maybe work out a prototype this week.
> George
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