Re: Uri lists?

On 28-Sep-99 James Henstridge wrote:
> AFAIK, the uri list code is for producing a string that contains a number
> of NUL seperated URIs.  This is made mainly to help with multi file drag
> and drop between applications and gmc.
> For what you want, have you looked at the opendir/readdir man pages?
Thats what I'm using right now, but I'm having a problem I can't trace
allocating, freeing and reallocating resources and wanted to see if I
could get gnome to do it for me.

>> Could someone point me to some information on uri lists.  The gnome
>> documentation wasn't very helpful.  Basically I want all filenames in
>> certain
>> directories and indavidual files aswell.  From what I did read uri lists
>> might help but I don't know enough about them to be sure.

                                        -Govind Salinas

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