Re: Problems compiling 1.0.40

On 28 Sep 1999 13:18:38 -0400, <> wrote:

>GTCD: perhaps it's a feature ;) ... but it after a couple of minutes in "pause" mode
>listening to a CD, and it will "reset", it will forgive the track number and the
>position, returning
>to the first track.

I think this is a function of the CD drive - I've seen this happen in some places, but
on my computer it doesn't happen. Some drives probably have a timeout on how long they
can be paused-but-active.

>The "reboot" and "halt" options in logout don't works. Must I start the session trough
>gdm to this to work?

No, but I think /usr/bin/shutdown must exist for this. As far as I know, only RHL has
-- Elliot
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