Re: gnome MDI doesn't have the delete_event!!!

  Every gnome MDI child is contained in a GnomeApp toplevel window. You
probably want to catch the delete_event for the GnomeApp widget. For this,
you have to supply GnomeMDI with an app creation function (which creates a
GnomeApp widget). 
  Maybe if you look at an example, like ghex or gedit you'll find out
more about this. That's why open source is so great.

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Manuel Clos wrote:

> Hi all,
> The problem I have is that when you hit the window manager close button,
> the
> gnome MDI removes the child/childs (depending on MDI mode) and then
> terminates.
> The user usually hits the QUIT button, or uses file->quit, but if the 
> window manager button is used, no function is called, well remove_child
> is called, but I have no way to know if the app is being sutthed down,
> also
> it is not the best place to store preferences.
> What I mean is that there's no "delete_event" to catch and decide what
> to do:
> close the child or shut down the entire app.
> I will do it from the remove_child, but I will appreciate any advice on
> this.
> Thanks in advance.
> Manuel Clos.

Gustavo J.A.M. Carneiro

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