I felt guilt set in after that last letter about the tone of my letters to
you. I'm sorry, I just didn't want to have to listen to the same arguments
again. On the assumption that this time something new will be contributed,
I'll add my opinion to everyone else's.
 There was much talk last time about the fact that the code would have to be
loaded if even one app requested WiW MDI, and the right of the use to choose
the UI design. I'll ignore those comments about the look of the UI as not
worth commenting on, as one of the main points of GNOME is choice.
 It seems to me that it is, as someone said, true that people writing apps
could write WiW into their programs even if it is not written into the
window manager. This seems much worse than maintaining the GNOME code for
WiW. To protect choice and not let the apps force a UI on people we could,
possibly, introduce a system similar to the windows certification thing,
where a GNOME logo is used only by programs that are GNOME complient and
follow the choices and settings of users. Some volunteers could check
applicant programs out for compatibility and a list of apps could be
available on the GNOME website. I don't think there is a scheme like this
already in existance, but if there is, could someone please tell me?



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