Re: window-in-window MDI

* George ( wrote:
> People are different.  There are people who believe it makes them work
> faster.  Actually good arguments for I've seen are
>   1) makes it easier to separate the windows with documents from the rest of
>      the windows
>   2) the individual windows don't have their own toolbar/menu , but that is
>      only on the main menu thus saving some space in some configurations
>   3) it is easier to find minimized windows of the mdi since they are in the
>      container window, rather then hunting for them in the tasklist
> The biggest thing however is to allow each user to use what he feels most
> comfortable with.  Forcing users to do things a certain way just because you
> feel like that's a "BetterWayToDoIt(tm)" is not too nice.

These are good reasons for having the option. However, without wm
cooperation, it will always be a kludge.

I don't object to having the option of WiW (if it's up to the *user*),
what I object to is the current "a window manager in every app"
approach. This is truly horrid, and shouldn't be in GNOME at all IMO.

So I'm not saying "no WiW, ever!", I'm saying "no WiW through an ugly
kludge, please!".

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