ANNOUNCE: gnome-python-1.0.53

I have just released gnome-python-1.0.53.  Gnome-python is a set of
bindings that allow you to write gnome programs in the Python language
(see for details).  It is available at:

Here are the main changes in this release:
 - libtool and the CVS version of automake are now used to build
   gnome-python, rather than automake-1.4 with my python patches.  If you
   have troubles with the extension modules it builds now, it is a libtool
   defficiency, and should be fixed there.
 - The GtkHTML wrapper should work with the released gtkhtml-0.1.
 - some other bug fixes.  See the change log for details.

I also released pygtk-0.6.6, which will be available from
soon (you don't need pygtk to use gnome-python, as gnome-python includes



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