Re: libart: transforming svp's

>  Hello, is there a way to transform an SVP in libart?
>  In case I'm asking the wrong question, here's what I'm trying to do:
>  I'm trying to stroke a path using a stroke_width for the line which is in user
>  coordiantes.  (...basically in the same way as it's done in Postscript.)
>  I can use the art_svp_vpath_stroke(vpath,...) call to produce an ArtSVP that
>  represents the stroked path with a fixed line width.  (This works beautifully)
>  I would like to transform this stroked path so as to convert it from user coordinates to
>  final device coordinates.

You need to convert the stroked path to a VPath, using
art_vpath_from_svp(), and then transform that.


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