Re: GConf problems

Gustavo Joćo Alves Marques Carneiro <> writes:
>   Hi.  I'm trying to use GConf.  It seems to be working well except when
> my program tries to destroy de GConfClient object.  Then, the program
> halts with the message:
> 	Trying dir /home/ee96090/opt/gnome//share/oaf
>   (/home/ee96090/opt/gnome/ is the prefix where it (and all gnome) is
> installed)
>   When I run gconfd& in background before running my program, this doesn't
> happen.  Also, I run gconfd& instead of gconfd because sometimes gconfd
> doesn't exit -- it hangs.
>   Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Can you send me a small test program? I think it's an OAF bug, but I
can't be sure without a test case.


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