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"James M. Cape" <> writes:

> I'm afraid I have to comment on this. Using GNOME to directly promote
> the GNU Project is very, very shortsighted, and will lead to
> problems.


GNOME IS PART of the GNU Project.

> First is confusing the marketing and business types who do not
> understand Unix

mmm.. I think that YOU are confused.

GNU's not UNIX.

GNOME is aimed to work on the GNU Operating System.

> as it stands now, potentially leading them to believe
> that GNOME will not work on non-Linux Unix systems


Actually GNOME should work in the GNU System, not specifically a
GNU/Linux system.

> -- when dealing with
> business types, it is helpful to remember that if there is a stupid road
> that a presentation can be mentally taken down, chances are at least a
> few in the audience will take the presentation down that road.

That's why we should fight to promote the GNU Project, they should be
aware of our philosophy, that's the *main* difference between the Free
Software movement and the Open Source Movement.

> Another is the (IMHO) waste of GNOME's limited resources. GNOME does
> not have a whole lot of "marketing" per se to throw around promoting
> GNU. A third potential problem is the alienation of the vendors of
> non-GNU systems -- if you're company had to choice between two
> desktops, and one of which was making noise as a GNU system
> component, the other as a desktop, which would you choose?

mmmm... your reasoning is biased, or... can you tell me why BIG
companies are using GNU gcc for their compilations?

And when I say, BIG, I really mean BIG companies.

Shouldn't it be more attractive a desktop that is portable, that means
that you can run it on your laptop (GNU/Linux), on your workstation
(HP-UX, Solaris, etc.), and even your servers.

GNU assures this portability.

> IOW, rather than potentially confusing those who are not familiar with
> Unix, potentially wasting resources and time, and potentially alienating
> the non-Linux Unix system owners and vendors, why don't we concentrate
> on using GNOME to sell Unix in particular. 

mm.. I see, you are into the Open Source movement, rather than the
Free Software movement. Now I understand your opinions.

Ok, I respect your point of view, but as GNOME is part of the GNU
Project, and both are part of the Free Software Movement, well, enough
said, I think.

>("Stability for the Masses."
> "Tired of Blue Screens?"
> "Try screwing your soundcard when your MP3 player dies with *THIS* OS."
> etc.) Once Unix is #1,

Unix is #1, isn't it? ;)

> then we can worry about selling people on the
> advantages of the GPL over the commercial unices and the *BSD systems if
> we so choose. For now, let the GNU promoters promote GNU, they know
> better how to do it anyways. :-)

Open Source point of view, again.

- -- 
Hugo Gayosso
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