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Karl EICHWALDER <> writes:

> Wolfgang Sourdeau <> writes:
> > Why would we care about marketing guys as we (and GNU/Linux vendors
> > such as Redhat, etc...) are doing our own "marketing"?
> One of "our" goals (SuSE's) is cooperation; misusing a project like
> GNOME for propaganda wouldn't be helpful.  TeX and/or XFree86 are worth
> to have a look at.

It is not propaganda, it is just giving credit to whom credit is due.

And arising the awareness of the importance of freedom.

> > Nonetheless, I suggest you strongly to read carefully the philosophy
> > pages on It will help you understand what the issues are
> > regarding the GNU project, the GNOME project, etc...
> Yes, but this doesn't imply that the GNOME Project has to explain the
> GNU Project and the goals of other interested parties.  I hope you'll
> see the point.


I think that we are not talking about a COMPLETE and LONG explanation
of the GNU Project, just a paragraph (maybe like the one in the GNU
home page) and links pointing to more info.

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