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Is there a way to specify the directory rather than RPM simply looking for it

Spec File:

%define name Lomega
%define version 0.1
%define release 1
%define prefix /usr
Summary : Lomega is a program for maintaining your Iomega disks under Linux.
Name: %{name}
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}
Copyright: GPL
Group: Applications/File
Source: %{name}-%{version}-%{release}.tar.bz2
BuildRoot: /var/tmp/%{name}-buildroot
Prefix: %{prefix}
Docdir: %{prefix}/doc

 Lomega is a program for maintaining your Iomega disks under Linux, similar in functionality to Iomega's IomegaWare Tools. It allows the user to mount and umount disks easily and also features the ability to change the protection status of a disk. Lomega  supports compressed file backup's to supported Iomega drives. Lomega is covered under the open source, free GNU GPL. 




make prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{prefix} install
chmod +s $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{prefix}/bin/lomega

rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_DIR/*

%defattr (-,root,root)
%doc README COPYING ChangeLog NEWS lomega-help


RPM will look for the directory Lomega-0.1 but if the source tar bz2 has a path
say /working/projects/Lomega-0.1 then it fails to build. Is there a hard fast
rule that the path be relative?

Thanks it's late and the one brain cell left just failed!

Visionary : John Hawk 
Email:john.hawk@gte.net  GPL Developer
Latest Project:	http://visionary-hawk.webjump.com

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