Missing parts of desktop

 > I think somebody (somewhere, sometimes) should sit down and write down
 > outlines of bigger GNOME desktop that the one we currently have.
 > What bothers me, is lack of some essential libraries:
 > - audio, especially MIDI & similar
 > - gaming graphics (3D and 2D animation etc.)
 > There are certainly other missing pieces I am overlooking.

We need multimedia player able to export content through bonobo. 

 > I am not talking about big games - these implement ad hoc set of
 > multiplatform libraries themselves to reach maximum possible audience. I
 > mean little multimedia programs, such as children learning tools, that
 > could be otherwise written easily for gnome - but lack of standard
 > libraries make that mostly useless.
What kind of stuff do you thinks about. I found the canvas very
helpfull in this goal.

 > What is needed, is political consensus: we name such and such
 > libraries/projects as official part of GNOME desktop.
Any propostion?


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