Re: [PATCH] Customizable time format of menu panel clock.

>>>>> In article <>,
>>>>> (Jacob Ulysses Berkman)  wrote...

>> I wrote a patch for gnome-core/panel/foobar-widget.c
>> It provides customizable format of menu panel clock.
>> It add "Customize..." into the "Format" menu, it launch Property Box.

> I don't really like this patch very much.  The original clock config
> dialog which was submitted was basically this, but I really like the
> more simple UI it currently has.

    Humm, I think that my patch is very simple, it'll just only add one
    new format that is flexible. (not delete any standard formats)

> If you wanted to add a couple of new formats, I'd probably accept
> that.

    But, in that solution, it is difficult to cope with the format that
    any people likes, isn't it?

Takuo Kitame <>

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