Re: [PATCH] Customizable time format of menu panel clock.

In message <>, Havoc Pennington writes:

> (Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman) writes:
>> (Takuo KITAME) writes:

>> > Hello.

>> > I wrote a patch for gnome-core/panel/foobar-widget.c

>> > It provides customizable format of menu panel clock.
>> > It add "Customize..." into the "Format" menu, it launch Property Box.

>> I don't really like this patch very much.  The original clock config
>> dialog which was submitted was basically this, but I really like the
>> more simple UI it currently has.

>> If you wanted to add a couple of new formats, I'd probably accept
>> that.

>BTW a bug that appeared in the Red Hat bug tracker is that all the
>clocks should default to 24h time outside the US and 12h time inside.

Better localization of date/time throughout GNOME would be very nice.  I'm
particularly thinking about the GnomeDateEdit widget here.

PalmOS has an excellent example of a way to do this.  You can select a preset,
like "United States," that selects time, date, and number formats (and also
selects the first day of the week), but then you can also change these four
formats beyond the defaults for your preset.  For example, some people in the
US may want to use YY/MM/DD, which is the standard in Japan.  Perhaps some
paramilitary gun-toting Americans would want to use 24-hour [military] time
like they do parts of Europe.

This issue is personal to me because I'm developing a GNOME application to be
used by both Americans and Europeans and the default behavior of GnomeDateEdit
seems to be one of the two ambiguous formats.


John GOTTS <>

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