Re: [PATCH] Customizable time format of menu panel clock. (Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman) writes:
> > BTW a bug that appeared in the Red Hat bug tracker is that all the
> > clocks should default to 24h time outside the US and 12h time inside.
> ...which is why the time formats are marked for translations.

That doesn't help I don't think, the problem is this

     cd->hourformat = gnome_config_get_int("clock/hourformat=0");

"0" means "12 hour format" - then the "12 hour format string" and the
"24 hour format string" are marked for translation, but the
translation isn't supposed to change 12 vs. 24 hours or the prefs
dialog will suddenly be really nonsensical.

i.e. the bug is about the default setting. Not that I have any idea
how to fix this if it's not as simple as "outside US defaults to 24h

BTW, using "0" and "1" as magic values in a config file is total
rastercode ;-) see ~/.enlightenment/.e-session-XXXXXX or whatever ;-)


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