Re: [PATCH] Customizable time format of menu panel clock.

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> (Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman) writes:
> > > BTW a bug that appeared in the Red Hat bug tracker is that all the
> > > clocks should default to 24h time outside the US and 12h time inside.
> > 
> > ...which is why the time formats are marked for translations.
> > 
> That doesn't help I don't think, the problem is this
> (gnome-core/applets/gen_util/clock.c):
>      cd->hourformat = gnome_config_get_int("clock/hourformat=0");

This is the clock applet, not the foobar clock.

Although, I went and looked and the default time format in the foobar
and the default strings passed to gnome_config_* weren't _()'d.  Sigh.

> BTW, using "0" and "1" as magic values in a config file is total
> rastercode ;-) 

I think that was federico's code or something.

> see ~/.enlightenment/.e-session-XXXXXX or whatever ;-)

Is this better or worse than gnome-session clobbering its own session
files if you run multiple sessions?

"It's not even a real camera." -- Tom Green

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