Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

-> > > looked at it that way, since I assumed most people would have
-> both anyways...

	Not if your target audience includes non-Linux platforms...

	I can find pre-compiled Gtk+ .depot and .pkg files for HPUX and
Solaris.  I cannot for Gnome.

-> ya, that's true.  I've haven't used Debian yet.  If Mandrake keeps gets any worse
-> (the jump from 7.0 to 7.1 sucked, you should have seen how badly they slaughtered

	[Getting offtopic here...]

	I'm quite pleased with Mandrake 7.1.  Not everybody has all day to
fsck around with window manager config files and .Xdefaults files.

	Hell, my MouseWheel mouse even works under Netscape and KDE apps,
and Netscape simulates "smooth scroll"!  And not having to [u]mount the
cdrom and floppy is a nice convenience.

	Anyhow, perhaps it's time for this thread to die...


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