Absolute paths

Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman jacob@helixcode.com writes:

>> Btw, HelixCode have different SRPMS for different archs. Why? 
>Because they are compiled with different paths and options.

But RPM is designed for handling this. If you really want to differ
between Caldera and RedHat, for example, you could either assign two
different platform names (I think), or, you could use conditionals in the
SPEC-file and give "--define 'macroname value'" on the build command line
to pass information about the desired distribution. Or am I wrong?

Anyway, it's bad that several .src.rpm:s with same name but different
content is floating around the net. If you really want different
.src.rpms, then give them different names. 

/Peter Astrand <altic@lysator.liu.se>

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