Re: Directories/Files

>I still like the way the Amiga handles this sort of thing... you can
>give any directory a label (e.g. "pictures"), and then access it using
>that label in any situation where you'd normally have to type or select
>the full pathname (e.g. "list pictures:*.jpg" to list all the jpegs in
>your pictures directory).  
>There are a few pre-defined system labels that point to the disks, ports
>and other attached devices, and those along with any labels you define
>yourself always appear in the standard file open/save dialogs, which
>makes quick navigation to different disks and all your favourite
>directories a breeze.

I think we can add this to Gnome without messing around with the underlying 
OS - just give the feature a name that makes it clear the labels are 
shortcuts, not actual pathnames. Something like "Quick links". Then users 
won't expect them to appear in the shell, emacs, KDE etc - they'll just be 
a convenient feature of Gnome file selectors and file managers.


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